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Lab Notes Blog

On ePublishing, eReaders & POD

August 19, 2012

Tags: ePublishing, eBooks, eReaders, POD, Publishing, Print On Demand

We've fallen behind on posting links to our various articles. Here are a few from IEEE Spectrum on ePublishing, eReaders and Print-On-Demand:

  • "Journalist A.J. Liebling once famously noted, 'Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.'" (more…)

Book Clubs Still Ace eBook Prices
by Daniel Grotta

June 26, 2010

Tags: eBooks, eBook, eReaders, eReader, Sony Reader, Price, Apple, Amazon, Book-of-the-Month-Club, Barnes & Noble, iPad, Kindle, iBook, ePublishing, e-Publishing, Book clubs, Daniel's entries

Today the postman brought two books that I had ordered from the Book-of-the-Month Club: David Weberís newest Honor Carrington novel, "Mission of Honor," and Dominic Lievenís acclaimed "Russia Against Napoleon." As you can correctly infer, I have an avid interest in anything and everything to do with the Napoleonic Era. Among our 5,000-plus library (more…)

Amazon Makes Good
by Daniel Grotta

June 25, 2010

Tags: Kindle, Kindle 2, Amazon, eReaders, eReader, Daniel's entries, Price, Customer service

A couple days ago, I was feeling rather foolish and suckerly, having plunked down $259 for a Kindle 2 on June 3rd, only to see the price plummet $70 a little over two weeks later.

That brutal reality is fairly typical of how the computer and consumer electronics industries have introduced price cuts over the years. If (more…)

Sooner Than I Thought
by Daniel Grotta

June 22, 2010

Tags: iPad, Apple, Kindle, Kindle 2, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, eReaders, eReader, DRM, Digital Rights Management, Daniel's entries

Back on June 3rd, I clicked the Buy button on and purchased a Kindle 2.

For $259.

In an earlier blog, I predicted that prices on eReaders would fall rapidly and precipitously, as pressure from the iPad and next generation tablet competitors start eroding eReader market share. Only, I didnít quite realize (more…)