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Is the Nook Worth $1 Billion to Microsoft?

May 12, 2013

Tags: Microsoft, Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Nook, eReader, ePublishing

The latest mergers & acquisitions rumor buzzing around the internet is that Microsoft is about to dump an additional billion bucks into Barnes & Nobles' embattled eReader, the Nook. This isn't particularly surprising, since Microsoft already has $300 million or so invested in Nook, and rather than watch it all slide down the tube, it's doubling down and hoping and praying that somehow, someday, its not inconsiderable investment will pay off.

Frankly, we have difficulty seeing how. Unless, God forbid, Microsoft is prepared to go head-to-head with that internet juggernaut of a retailer, Amazon, and to a lesser extent, Apple. And then, there's Google, looming on the horizon.

Here's why. (more…)

On ePublishing, eReaders & POD

August 19, 2012

Tags: ePublishing, eBooks, eReaders, POD, Publishing, Print On Demand

We've fallen behind on posting links to our various articles. Here are a few from IEEE Spectrum on ePublishing, eReaders and Print-On-Demand:

  • "Journalist A.J. Liebling once famously noted, 'Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.'" (more…)

Computer Outlook Radio Show Announces Daniel Grotta & Sally Wiener Grotta Will Be Regular Commentators

March 22, 2012

Tags: Computer Outlook, Audio, Radio, Pixel Hall Press, Photography, ePublishing, John Iasiuolo, DigitalBenchmarks, Lab

During Daniel Grotta's and Sally Wiener Grotta' inaugural guest appearance on the Computer Outlook Radio Show this week , host John Iasiuolo announced that the Grottas will be regular commentators on the show. Daniel and Sally will report on a variety of subjects, including:

Metadata = eBook Sales

January 26, 2012

Tags: eBooks, ePublishing, Metadata

At Digital Book World conference yesterday, president of Nielsen Book Jonathan Nowell gave a compelling presentation on the connection between metadata and eBook sales.

If you plan to ePublish, be sure to pay attention to metadata. According to a Nielsen study, full use of metadata (providing specific information about your book) is directly linked to dramatically increased sales and profit.

Here's a link to that downloadable study: White Paper: The Link Between Metadata and Sales.

E-reader roundup: 8 devices compete for the crown

October 14, 2010

Tags: Kindle, Kobo, Sony eReader, eReader, eBook, ePublishing, Alex eReader, Extaco jetBook, Apple, iPad, Libre eBook, Pandigital Novel, Hardware reviews, ComputerWorld

In ancient times, the elite read their sacred writings, histories, philosophical musings and more on materials such as clay tablets, papyrus leaves and vellum scrolls. Somewhere around the first century, the paper-and-ink book appeared, and the invention of the mechanical printing press in the 15th century brought the printed word to the masses. Now, for the first time in centuries, how we read is undergoing a revolutionary transformation..... Read the full roundup of 8 eReaders we reviewed for ComputerWorld.

by Daniel Grotta

July 5, 2010

Tags: eBooks, eBook, ePublishing, e-Publishing, Price, Daniel's entries, Publishing industry

For as long as there have been bookstores and booksellers, the one word that authors, agents and publishers dread hearing most is... remainder.

For those not familiar with publishing argot, remaindering is when bookstore sales falter and books remain unsold and returned, so the publisher tries to cut his losses by offering the work (more…)

Book Clubs Still Ace eBook Prices
by Daniel Grotta

June 26, 2010

Tags: eBooks, eBook, eReaders, eReader, Sony Reader, Price, Apple, Amazon, Book-of-the-Month-Club, Barnes & Noble, iPad, Kindle, iBook, ePublishing, e-Publishing, Book clubs, Daniel's entries

Today the postman brought two books that I had ordered from the Book-of-the-Month Club: David Weberís newest Honor Carrington novel, "Mission of Honor," and Dominic Lievenís acclaimed "Russia Against Napoleon." As you can correctly infer, I have an avid interest in anything and everything to do with the Napoleonic Era. Among our 5,000-plus library (more…)