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Lab Notes Blog

How We Test, Part II
by Daniel Grotta

May 7, 2009

Tags: How we test, Daniel's entries, Printer testing, Computer Shopper, DigitalBenchmarks Lab, PC Magazine, PC Labs, Printers, Lexmark, Testing, Test script

For well over a decade, we were regular members of PC Magazine’s elite testing team at PC Labs, where we put a wide variety of products – digital cameras, scanners, image editing software, laptops, desktop publishing programs, etc. – through a lengthy, rigorous series of tests. The magazine published four printer roundups a year, so every three months, our team would hibernate in the lab for about a week, putting in 12-hour days as we tested, evaluated and reviewed a bunch of printers. (Of course, we did similar testing marathons for other PC Magazine roundups, so we pretty much lived at the lab for a good part of the year.) Yes, it was hard work, but it also was lots of fun.

And responsibility. (more…)

How We Test, Part I
by Daniel Grotta

April 29, 2009

Tags: DigitalBenchmarks Lab, How we test, HP xw4600 workstation, Lenovo w700ds, Testing, Test script, Daniel's entries

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked from both clients and the general public is what equipment do we use in our lab to test hardware, software and accessories. Having spent more than ten years as PC Magazine/PC Labs’ photo and imaging experts, you might think that we’re outfitted with a panoply of exotic instruments and state-of-the-art devices that would make any techie or engineer salivate with envy. Therefore, you might be surprised to know that (more…)