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How Many Megapixels Do You Really Need?

December 27, 2013

Tags: Megapixels, Cameras, Image Quality

Megapixels have become the ultimate measure of a camera. If your cousin has a phone with more megapixels than your year-old point-and-shoot camera, clearly he must have the better, higher-quality device. Right?


Megapixels vs. pixel size

Like calories, megapixels are a measure of quantity, not quality. You need a certain number of megapixels depending on the way to want to share a photo. But just as the number of calories in a meal doesn't say much about how nutritious it is, the number of pixels in a camera doesn't say much about the quality of the image they can capture.

Quality is a complex issue based upon a camera’s optics, image sensor design, firmware, engineering, and yes, its pixels — but not its megapixel count. At the heart of your camera is the image sensor, which contains the array of pixels. These pixels are like buckets that collect photons (i.e., light).... Click to read the rest of this article on Tom's Guide.

Should Pentax Bring the 645d to the US Market?
by Sally Wiener Grotta

July 23, 2010

Tags: Photography, Pentax, Camera, Digital cameras, 645, Infrared, Steve Rosenbaum, Sally's entries, Image sensor, Optics, Resolution, Megapixels, iPhone, DSLR, Medium format, HP Designjet Z3200

Our friend Steve Rosenbaum creates some amazing infrared images using his iPhone. In terms of artistry, composition and impact, they are as good as many IR pictures we’ve seen. All he does is hold a filter up in front of the camera’s lens. But that simple technical fact doesn’t take into (more…)