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Lab Notes Blog

Hot & Cold Running Printers

October 7, 2009

Tags: Computer Shopper, Lexmark, Printer reviews, Printer testing, Lexmark Platinum Pro 905, Lexmark C546dtn

Our UPS and FedEx delivery people are beginning to wonder when we’ll be putting in a conveyer belt at DigitalBenchmarks Labs’ front door. Until we do, they have to continue using their hand trucks to manhandle (womanhandle? – but doesn’t that mean something else?) all the printers that have been coming and going. (more…)

How We Test, Part II
by Daniel Grotta

May 7, 2009

Tags: How we test, Daniel's entries, Printer testing, Computer Shopper, DigitalBenchmarks Lab, PC Magazine, PC Labs, Printers, Lexmark, Testing, Test script

For well over a decade, we were regular members of PC Magazine’s elite testing team at PC Labs, where we put a wide variety of products – digital cameras, scanners, image editing software, laptops, desktop publishing programs, etc. – through a lengthy, rigorous series of tests. The magazine published four printer roundups a year, so every three months, our team would hibernate in the lab for about a week, putting in 12-hour days as we tested, evaluated and reviewed a bunch of printers. (Of course, we did similar testing marathons for other PC Magazine roundups, so we pretty much lived at the lab for a good part of the year.) Yes, it was hard work, but it also was lots of fun.

And responsibility. (more…)