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Book Clubs Still Ace eBook Prices
by Daniel Grotta

June 26, 2010

Tags: eBooks, eBook, eReaders, eReader, Sony Reader, Price, Apple, Amazon, Book-of-the-Month-Club, Barnes & Noble, iPad, Kindle, iBook, ePublishing, e-Publishing, Book clubs, Daniel's entries

Today the postman brought two books that I had ordered from the Book-of-the-Month Club: David Weberís newest Honor Carrington novel, "Mission of Honor," and Dominic Lievenís acclaimed "Russia Against Napoleon." As you can correctly infer, I have an avid interest in anything and everything to do with the Napoleonic Era. Among our 5,000-plus library (more…)

Amazon Makes Good
by Daniel Grotta

June 25, 2010

Tags: Kindle, Kindle 2, Amazon, eReaders, eReader, Daniel's entries, Price, Customer service

A couple days ago, I was feeling rather foolish and suckerly, having plunked down $259 for a Kindle 2 on June 3rd, only to see the price plummet $70 a little over two weeks later.

That brutal reality is fairly typical of how the computer and consumer electronics industries have introduced price cuts over the years. If (more…)

Sooner Than I Thought
by Daniel Grotta

June 22, 2010

Tags: iPad, Apple, Kindle, Kindle 2, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Nook, eReaders, eReader, DRM, Digital Rights Management, Daniel's entries

Back on June 3rd, I clicked the Buy button on and purchased a Kindle 2.

For $259.

In an earlier blog, I predicted that prices on eReaders would fall rapidly and precipitously, as pressure from the iPad and next generation tablet competitors start eroding eReader market share. Only, I didnít quite realize (more…)