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What Point-and-Shoot Camera Do You Recommend?

February 5, 2012

Tags: Camera, Digital camera, Pentax, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Tips

On Twitter, Sally was just asked for a recommendation on a point-and-shoot camera. Not an easy question to answer in 140 characters.

A camera is such a personal item. It needs to fit the personality, needs & style of the person using it. We do tend to prefer cameras from the traditional camera companies -- Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus -- for their optics and their understanding of what makes a good photograph. But what we might like might not fit you.

Here are (more…)

Clearing the Air Over Adobe's new Creative Cloud Business Model

February 2, 2012

Tags: Adobe, Creative Suite, Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Digital Publishing Suite, software

For some months, the Web and creative community have been abuzz with rumors related to Adobe's upcoming transition to offering its software via the cloud.

Most of the public's concerns about Adobe's new Creative Cloud business model were related to how the monthly fee would affect the budgets of price-sensitive artists and photographers. After all, when you buy a box, you pay once and you're done; you have the software for as long as you want. Then, if you don't want to pay to upgrade to the next version, you can still keep working. With the Adobe Creative Cloud business model, you can never stop paying the monthly fee, if you want to continue to use the software.

This afternoon, we spoke on the phone with Heidi Voltmer, Adobe's Director of Product Marketing for the Creative Pro Business division. During our conversation, she revealed (more…)

Our Review of the Epson Stylus NX430

February 2, 2012

Tags: Printer review, Epson, Computer Shopper

We give Epson some serious points for the first clever printer-marketing slogan we've heard in some time: The company tagged its compact, slim Stylus NX430 multifunction printer as a “Small-in-One.” (Yes, Epson even trademarked the name.) Small it is, at about the size of two shoeboxes side-by-side when buttoned up. Indeed, even with its paper feeder and receiver tray deployed and extended, this inkjet printer will still fit on almost any desk or table.

The design is a good-news/bad-news proposition, though. The good:... Read the full review on