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"If you don't know the Grottas, you don't know imaging."

~ Amy Wohl
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Every DigitalBenchmarks project is custom designed by Daniel Grotta & Sally Wiener Grotta to suit the specific client's requirements, intents and budget.

Some of the various services DigitalBenchmarks offers includes the following:
  • Product Testing & Vetting
  • Competitive Analysis
  • R&D Testing
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • White Papers & Other Editorial Services
  • Seminars, Training & Personal Appearances

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Every project is treated differently, with unique protocols, procedures and intents. In general, DigitalBenchmarks Labs puts products and services through extensive real-world tests in order to:
  • Evaluate how well they will perform for the end user

  • Determine how they will be perceived by the marketplace in terms of value, desirability and competitiveness

  • Predict how they will be reviewed by the press

  • Analyze how they might be improved to enhance competitiveness, quality, value, performance, ease of use, and profitability

  • Quantify and qualify other aspects of the user's experience and the product's potential for success in the marketplace.

Product Testing & Vetting

DigitalBenchmarks can subject your products and services to rigorous real-life testing to provide your company with an analysis of how well it is likely to fare both in the marketplace and in press reviews. The extent and depth of the testing would depend upon your needs; it may include tests and analyses of performance, timing, quality, usability, ergonomics, etc. Reports can include suggestions on how to improve your products/​services before they are sent out to the computer press for actual reviews. DigitalBenchmarks can also give you insights on what to expect from the press and how to help reviewers recognize and write about your product's or service's strengths.

Competitive Analyses

DigitalBenchmarks does head-to-head testing of the performance, ergonomics, quality, usability, etc. of a series of competitive products. The depth and breadth of the testing depends upon the client's timetable, requirements, purposes, and budget. The resulting report provides a clear picture of the competitive strengths, weaknesses and marketability of each product. If so desired, DigitalBenchmarks also can offer suggestions on how to improve your product's competitive position.

R&D Testing

DigitalBenchmarks can assist your research & development teams at every step of a productís creation, development and production, including doing extensive real-world testing, and offering valuable comments, criticisms and suggestions for fine-tuning, improving and correcting problems.

Technical Due Diligence

With their intimate, in-depth knowledge of market trends and product analyses of the computer graphics industry and related fields, Daniel Grotta and/​or Sally Wiener Grotta can provide detailed, insightful Technical Due Diligence Reports that will help your company achieve an accurate assessment of a competitorís or potential partnerís current and future product capabilities and projected value.

White Papers & Other Editorial Services

Combining DigitalBenchmarks in-depth, insightful testing and analyses with the Grottas' superb, award-winning writing ability translates into highly accessible, usable and easy-to-read white papers, reports, analyses, articles, documentation, advertorials and other editorial materials

Seminars, Training & Personal Appearances

Daniel Grotta & Sally Wiener Grotta can create custom programs for your organization, company or customers. As a followup to any of the above services, the Grottas can come to your headquarters or other venue, to discuss their findings and suggestions with your marketing or development team, and/​or to facilitate a brainstorming session. Clients find that such meetings provide their companies will invaluable outsider expert perspectives. In addition, they are available to give informative, lively presentations at meetings, trade shows and other venues.

Please see the Appearances Page for more information.